Building Talent Foundation

Building Talent Foundation

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My name is John Tilley (I go by JT) and I am an Engagement Manager from Building Talent Foundation. I am a Army veteran that is retired with 21 yrs of service to our great country. Building Talent Foundation is a non-profit company founded by Leading Builders of America (LBA) that offers a free placement service. Some of our founders are D.R. Horton, Pulte, Lennar, and 17 others from LBA. Below I have included a little bit of who we are, what we do, and how we can help.


Who is BTF? 

BTF is a nonprofit organization that was established by Leading Builders of America, the 20 largest residential construction company in the US, with a goal of addressing the increasing demand for skilled construction trade workers.


How Does BTF work? 

BTF works by connecting people with paid construction education and training programs and sets them up with internships at construction trade companies. We also work with our employer-partners to clearly understand the skills they are looking for, and with our training partners to align their programs to those requirements. We have dedicated recruiting specialists that carefully match interns to our employers.

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