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​Markesman Group provides clients with Enterprise IT and Intelligence solutions driven from best value. As a small business leader in the technology sector, Markesman Group provides government clientele with IT support services which sustain its day to day operations from strategic framework to implementation and performance engineering. Markesman Group seeks highly qualified professionals to develop and further as leaders in business, technology, strategy, operations, and innovation.

Currently located in Newport News, VA Markesman Group is led by individuals with years of leading, managing, training and operating within the Intelligence Community. As service members and patriots we have a commitment to our country and its citizens. The terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon was the start of a vision for a safer community and a company ran by brothers at arms. Convinced to never allow this again on US soil, Markesman was founded with the idea that improved situational intelligence could prevent both foreign and domestic threats.

We embrace the intelligence community with applied analytics and top tier talent. Markesman Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality services for the government sector and the public sector as it becomes legal and regulated. It strives to provide the best intelligence analysis capabilities by producing highly trained, productive, innovative and meaningful services that benefit the intelligence community and our great nation.

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