Quality Labor Management

Quality Labor Management

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  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • February 9, 2019
  • myqlm.com

Company Information

My name is Chad Borek. I am the owner of Quality Labor Management, a Veteran owned Skilled service provider. I have been in the construction staffing industry for 8 years and decided to open my own business in Indianapolis, IN in 2018, and due to its success, I have expanded to the Louisville, KY area as well. I recruit high-end construction workers nationwide on both a temporary basis and/or temp-to-hire basis.
As a veteran owned company, we give back to our fellow vets and heroes by educating vets on the current opportunities the construction market has available, as well as finding correlating job skills from military experience, and transferring them to the construction field. A portion of all proceeds go towards a non-profit that helps vets with PTSD and TBI.
I have a bigger vision than just making money, but truly helping our heroes and community at the same time. Let me help you find your next career!

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