Sapiat Asset Management, LLC

Sapiat Asset Management, LLC

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Company Information

Sapiat Asset Management is an independent, fiduciary, registered investment advisor specializing in advising Individuals, Families, & Trusts and the businesses they own, with a niche focus on Generation X (b. 1967-1982) & Millennials (b. 1983-1998).

As fiduciaries, we are always working in our customers best interest. Being a truly independent firm, we are under no pressure to push specific products or strategies. We can pick & choose among every available product & strategy to do what is best for our customers.

Our financial advisors are highly skilled at providing objective financial guidance seasoned by experience & extensive professional knowledge. Using specialized tools and resources, we work closely with customers to craft a financial plan specific to them. We then manage their investments according to their plan.

As a truly independent company, we are not beholden to a distant corporate office. We are not restricted to what research we can utilize or what strategies we can implement. Nor are we pressured to push specific products and services on our customers. Instead, we are free to search the globe for the best research, implement the strategy we believe is best, and utilize only those investment vehicles best suited to each customer.

As fiduciaries, you won’t find us chasing the latest investment fad or testing academic theories with your life savings. You won’t see us implementing complex, impossible to understand strategies or complex investment instruments. That’s because we believe people should understand what they own and why they own it. Our strategies are all easy to understand and you’re probably already familiar with every type of investment we use. We call our style of management “Plain Vanilla”. It may be boring, but it works.

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