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A 20 year retired 1st Sgt, mainly within the Combat Communications & Med-Evac units. Now with the ability to help others find success in their journeys, I'm fulfilling a internal dream! Pay it forward... With 51 countries under my belt, I've seen the current world status of health. A Martial Artist (37 years) and an avid life competitor, there is no doubt a need for nutrition and fitness to be more affordable today! We have helped so many build their own businesses, run it at their own level and on their own time. My wife and I have trained business owners in how to gain coaches, keep them and continue to build for their futures. It's easy, inexpensive and very repeatable. As a 1st Sgt, helping troops be the BEST they can, and strive for more is ALL I know. It's a monumental skill set to mentor and motivate others to succeed. It's in the blood! CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN Please reach out to me at: Patrick Nowlan [email protected] 719-323-3077 ** Leave a message and I will get back to you ** -