Christian capistrano

Christian capistrano

Logistics Operations and Management Professional. USAF Veteran
Logistics Operations and Management Professional. USAF Veteran
  • July 20, 2023

I am a logistics professional with over 15+ years of experience in logistics support and supply functions, including operating military heavy equipment (4K-10K forklift, 10K All-Terrain, 60K Loader), HAZMAT handling, shipping and receiving, records maintenance, document processing, and product verification and quality control. I also have great communication skills, customer service experience, time management, organization, analytical, critical thinking, Microsoft Office 365 suite experience, multi-tasking, inventory management, data entry, and other valuable skills to offer your business.

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Associate of Science in Transportation Management @ Community College of the Air Force
Aug 2010 — Dec 2013
Associate of Arts in Business Administration @ Broward College
Jul 2009 — Nov 2012


Principal Property and Asset Management Analyst @ Northrop Grumman Corporation
May 2020 — Current

♣ Submits Parts Order Requests and collaborates with local mechanics/engineers to ensure accuracy of parts ordered
♣ Validates receiving documents, inspects parts, properly tags government/company procured items, and segregates storage in the warehouse for seamless parts issue or inventory validation
♣ Manages asset inventory levels and conducts daily logistics briefing on SEMA operations meetings for site status
♣ Reviews and updates critical zero-balance list, ensuring an adequate supply of parts to avoid “Aircraft on Ground” situation and fulfill requisitions directly from stock; updates shelf life of parts and purges expired consumables
♣ Supervises and assists in conducting 10% cyclic inventory to ensure 100% accuracy of parts on hand
♣ Tracks inbound/outbound shipment of aircraft parts and updates 2AP with shipping documentation
♣ Handles COMSEC/CCI; and other sensitive electronic equipment for shipment, issuance, and storage
♣ Maintains hard-copy historical records of parts received documentation and uploads digital copies as backup
♣ Issues parts on-hand in a timely and safe manner according to established aircraft maintenance priority levels

Logistics Support 3 @ Northrop Grumman Corporation
Jan 2020 — May 2020

♣ Maintained Unmanned Aerial System aircraft parts inventory, ensuring adequate supply per site
♣ Submitted requisition orders in COLTS to replenish UAS parts and supplies
♣ Timely fulfilled work orders on UAS by issuing needed parts to maintain Full Mission Capability
♣ Assisted in site closure of Kandahar Airfield and Bagram Airbase; generated DD Form 1149s, Hazardous Material documentation, and packaged material assets for retrograde back to CONUS
♣ Safely operated standard forklifts and 10K All-Terrain MHE forklift to build and transport cargo for shipment

Movement Control Coordinator @ Fluor Corporation
Sep 2017 — Nov 2019

♣ Submitted Transportation, Air Movement, and Joint Movement Requests for SOF personnel and cargo
♣ Took charge of coordinating, recording, and monitoring flight times for flawless special mission flights
♣ Delivered prompt customer service response to all flight request discrepancies in-person or via phone
♣ Operated 40-passenger bus to undisclosed ramp or flightline during Special Operations missions

Aircraft Load Planner @ Fluor Corporation
Jun 2017 — Sep 2017

♣ Facilitated cargo inspections by selecting cargo based on destination, priority, and hazard classification
♣ Strictly adhered to Air Mobility Command instructions, Department of Defense regulations, and International Air Transportation Association guidelines in generating cargo air manifests to ensure the safety of flight when selecting cargo load for C-130, C-17, and C-5 aircrafts with/without passengers

Cargo Documentation Team Processor @ Vectrus Systems Corporation
Feb 2015 — Jun 2017

♣ Fulfilled shift-lead duties such as daily briefings, performance evaluations, safety assessment, and implementation of tasks
♣ Conducted analysis of cargo documents, validation of DODAACs, and collection of all associated documentation requirements to access Defense Transportation System
♣ Utilized GATES to select and CAP palletized cargo for air movement on single or multi-pallet configuration

Passenger Service Supervisor @ US Air Force Reserve
Jan 2013 — Sep 2013

♣ Efficiently managed the record-breaking movement of passengers and their baggage, while maintaining zero delays
♣ Served as Unit Transition Representative; responsible for monitoring large unit re-deployments and commercial ticketing for over 5,000 US military personnel returning from combat operations
♣ Provided exceptional customer service by addressing flight delays, flight departure and arrival information, as well as proactively assisted with lost/mishandled baggage

Special Handling Supervisor @ US Air Force Reserve
Sep 2012 — Jan 2015

♣ Operated various Military Heavy Equipment for upload and download of cargo pallets from aircrafts; experienced in the safe operation of 4K standard/electric forklift, 10k standard and All-Terrain forklift, 25K Halvorsen NGSL, 60K cargo loader
♣ Keenly assessed HAZMAT cargo and mail for proper documentation, center of balance verification, hazardous-class compatibility, appropriate markings, and tie-down of equipment on military aircraft
♣ Earned certification to conduct Joint-Inspection of hazardous cargo for large air transport mobilization during routine military and humanitarian contingencies; administered rated training with subordinates

Ramp & Passenger Service Supervisor @ US Air Force Reserve
Sep 2010 — Jan 2011

♣ Handled the transportation of more than 92K short tons of cargo and over 23K short tons of baggage on more than 14K airlift missions to aid operating bases throughout Afghanistan
♣ Acted as the primary information controller dispatch for Bagram passenger terminal; responsible for organizing simultaneous upload and download of military personnel and cargo during high tempo
♣ Safely operated 60K cargo loader and 10K All-Terrain forklift for timely upload and download of cargo

Cargo Processing Specialist @ US Air Force
Dec 2004 — Dec 2008

♣ Handled in-transit cargo, daily inventory, cargo build up, receipt, export, and records management of both inbound and outbound shipments for commercial and military flights
♣ Validated and released cargo for surface conveyance
♣ Ensured proper handling and movement of cargo according to DoD 4500.9-R Defense Transportation Regulation Part II and III, AMCI 24-101 Vol 11, AFMAN 24-204, and specific aircraft (C130, C17, C5) Technical Order dash 9’s

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