Christopher Kucharski

Christopher Kucharski

Uniquely skilled attorney
  • Yucaipa, CA
  • September 21, 2020

My name is Christopher Kucharski. I am a veteran of the United States Army and a recently licensed attorney in the state of California. I am a fast learner, capable of obtaining knowledge and applying it in a practical manner. Prior to obtaining my license to practice law I worked in Federal Law Enforcement as a Border Patrol Agent, as an International Law Enforcement Advisor to the Afghan Security Forces, and as a schoolteacher.
The length and breadth of my experience in these various careers, coupled with my educational accomplishments, have provided me with a unique skillset that will be an asset to any organization. I am a team player with interpersonal skills developed during my time in the military and law enforcement and honed during my civilian employment. I am an effective public speaker who has briefed high ranking individuals including, but not limited to, the military commander of Regional Command North-Afghanistan, as well as the deputy commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). I have written official police reports and testified in federal and state court. As the lead advisor for the Border Management Task Force I submitted weekly reports documenting accomplishments made while working with the host government as well as allied partners. I understand the importance of attention to detail and can be relied on accomplish assigned tasks. I possess a strong work ethic and welcome challenging opportunities. The knowledge, skills, and abilities I have acquired make me a versatile asset capable of adapting quickly to unforeseen circumstances.
I believe I would be a good candidate for a position with any organization.

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Juris Doctor @ California Western School of Law
Aug 2016 — Jan 2019
: National Security Studies (Honors) @ California State University, San Bernardino
Apr 2007 — Dec 2009
Political Science (Honors) @ California State University, San Bernardino
Aug 2005 — Mar 2007
Associates Psychology @ Crafton Hills College
Aug 2004 — Aug 2005


Legal Consultant @ CK Consulting
May 2019 — Current

As a legal consultant I analyzed issues brought by the client, looked for possible causes of action, explained the legal issues to clients in lay terms and directed them to a licensed attorney to see if further action was possible. Issues included family law, estate planning, and contract drafting. Additionally, I advised recent law school graduates on navigating issues with the state bar.

Substitute Teacher @ Rialto Unified School District
Nov 2013 — Aug 2016

As a substitute teacher I was successful in maintaining classroom discipline and ensuring that class assignments were completed according to the lesson plans. If lesson plans were not provided I adapted and ensured that students were occupied during class.

International Police Advisor @ FEDSYS
Dec 2010 — May 2013

As an Advisor for the Border Management Task Force (BMTF) I provided advice, training and leadership to Afghan Border Police (ABP) and Afghan Customs Department (ACD) authorities on the topics of management, customs operations, customs enforcement / compliance procedures, customs revenue generation and immigration inspection activities. Duties required building relationships with U.S. and ISAF forces; U.S. Government Agencies (USAID, State Department, etc); Allied government agencies; and NGO’s to avoid duplication of efforts.

Substitute Teacher @ Hesperia Unified School District
Aug 2007 — Jan 2009

As a substitute teacher I was successful in maintaining classroom discipline and ensuring that class assignments were completed according to the lesson plans. If lesson plans were not provided I adapted and ensured that students were occupied during class.

Records Evaluator @ Crafton Hills College
Aug 2004 — Sep 2007

As an employee of Crafton Hills College I progressed from a student worker to a full time substitute position as the records evaluator. As the record evaluator I was responsible for evaluating transcripts of other colleges and determining course equivalencies.

Senior Patrol Agent @ U.S. Border Patrol
Aug 1996 — Feb 2004

-Border Patrol Agent-As a U.S. Border Patrol Agent for over 7 years, detected and prevented the smuggling and unlawful entry of undocumented aliens into the United States and apprehended those persons found in the United States in violation of the Immigration laws.
-Instructor/Supervisor-As an instructor at the Border Patrol Academy I taught three classes and had a 90 percent pass rate.
-Special Deputy U.S. Marshal-As a Special Deputy U.S. Marshall I assisted with the 09/11 investigation at JFK International Airport in New York City.
-Dispatcher-As a dispatcher I ran records checks for agents in the field using CLETS, DACS, NCIC and other systems.
-Analyst-As an analyst I worked with the intelligence unit to track apprehensions and provided reports on areas of increased activity.

Military Police @ U.S. Army
Feb 1991 — May 1998

-Military Police-As a Military Police officer for the United States Army patrol duties included enforcement of traffic laws and taking reports of incidents.
-Customs Inspector-As a Customs Inspector the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe I worked during the drawdown of U.S. forces in Europe.
- I worked with authorities from, Germany, Italy and Turkey inspecting personnel and cargo slated for transfer to the Continental United States.
-I assisted with investigations into black-marketing and smuggling and prepared reports recommending actions to be taken.
-National Guard-As a member of the U.S. Army National Guard I trained for combat operations to include battlefield circulation and control, route reconnaissance, convoy security, and prisoner of war operations.

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