Clyde Knight Jr

Clyde Knight Jr

  • Arlington, Texas
  • February 3, 2019


Accomplished manager, investigator, problem-solver and team builder experienced with root cause analysis, process improvement, complex, and confidential case management experience. Strong interpersonal communication and relations skills with ability to foster professional relationships with diverse backgrounds.


Doctoral in Public Policy Admin/Criminology – Walden University, MN, 2014 - 2019 expected: GPA 3.7

Master’s in Criminology – University of Texas, Arlington, TX, 2013:                                               GPA 3.8

Bachelor’s in Science Community and Human Services – S.U.N.Y. ESC Sarasota, NY, 2011:  GPA 3.3


Cold Case Detective – UNT Health Science Center Fort Worth, TX                        2012 – 2014

Provided, analyzed, coordinated, and shard intelligence in collaboration with PIMA County Arizona Medical Examiner and other southern border state agencies to assist in the identification of more than 1300 missing Mexican and OTM migrant cases relative to crossing the United States’ Southern border. Served as lead in identifying, locating and recovering remains of both missing and deceased migrants and American citizens.  Coordinated with FBI, CID NCIS detectives and agents and local law enforcement agencies on missing person and criminal cases using finger print identification, NCIC/ IAFIS to personally conduct a comparative analysis of fingerprint identification cards on record.

Law Enforcement – NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau (OCCB)                      2001 – 2005

Coordinated complex/confidential criminal investigations, interrogations, interviews and undercover surveillance techniques. Collaborated with District Attorney’s to represent the state and victims during trials by persecuting over 11000 criminal, domestic violence, narcotic cases including conducting special & undercover operations as per the People and State of New York. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Certification under Incident Command (ICS), National Incident Management (NIMS) training during the 2001 WTC bombing.

Law Enforcement – NYPD Patrol Service Bureau (PSB)                                              1985 – 2001

Implemented, coordinated, trained and managed a diverse team of 30 civilian volunteers participating in the NYPD’s Auxiliary Police program from 1994 – 2000. Directed all uniformed members to adhere to policy, regulations, and the use of good judgement. Enhanced performance outcome by increasing patrol hours by 20%, membership 9%, and improved morale. Also performed radio motor patrol (RMP), crime scene investigations, special events, riots, parades and responding to 911 calls 1985 – 1999.

Law Enforcement – USAF Military Police (AFSC 81150)                                             1978 – 1982

Assignments includes basic training, combat school at Lackland Airforce base TX, the 26th Security Police Squadron Zweibrucken AB, and 91st Security Police Group, Minot North Dakota. Tasked with providing force protection duties, guarding weapons, air bases and personnel. Main goal to keep the people, planes, base, weapons (even nuclear), and the premises safe from threats, and intrusion by unauthorized people. ​



  • Health Human Services: Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP) # 1634694
  • Military Tax Credit Hire:
  • Notary Public: Commission # 13073395-5
  • Tx Dept. Public Safety: Private Investigator License # A17231
  • 911 World Trade Center Terrorist Attack: FEMA certified



1) Adjunct professor at University Texas in Arlington: Keith Owens: 817-991-5082: email – [email protected]

2) Department Chair TCC, Daniel Rincon: 214-886-6194: email - [email protected]

3) Director, The Grey Knight Group, N.A.: Director James Cook: 225-933-2735: email [email protected]

4) Assistant Principle Plano ISD: Tonelli Hatlley: 972-989-2473: email – [email protected]

5) NYPD FOIL UNIT: employment verification – (646) 610-5296

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