Jarrod Cook

Jarrod Cook

Software Engineer
Software Engineer
  • Manor, Texas
  • May 28, 2020

Jarrod B. Cook

Austin, TX (512) 826-5650 [email protected]



U.S. Army veteran with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Gained work experience from a summer internship with Fermat Software. Earned a Python Specialization certificate through Coursera online courses and projects developed in C++, Python and SQL. Currently building projects with machine learning.



Fermat Software: Summer Internship - 6/03/19 to 8/11/19

Developed Python scripts to stress test an over the air LoRaWAN embedded device. These Python scripts used threading and RabbitMQ functionality which were normally executed from a Linux terminal. Python code was stored in a git repository on BitBucket.


Relevant Course Work

Object-Oriented Design(Java), Data Structures(C++), Intro to Data Mining (C++), Assembly Language (C++), Software Engineering (Python), Computer Architecture (Python), Intro to Machine Learning (Python), Parallel Programming (C++)



Linux, Windows, Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Selenium, Threading, mySQL, RabbitMQ, Testing, Git, LoRaWAN, Embedded.



Python Specialization from University of Michigan - 5/03/18

Program and Analyze Data with Python

5 Course Certification through Coursera




Responsive Website Basics from University of London - 1/10/20

JavaScript, HTML and CSS

1 Course Certification through Coursera



  • Built a Web Scrapping tool in Python that parsed and normalized data to a relational SQL database.


  • Took data in Python from an existing iTunes account and put it into a SQL database with a schema of a many to many relation for the Python Specialization course.


  • Made a calendar application in Java by using open source code and adapting it into a memo keeping project for Object-Oriented Design class.



United States Army ( Airborne Infantry – Team Leader) - 8/15/11 to 8/22/14

Conducted bag, vehicle, and body searches on a daily basis; Worked with many personnel with a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds; Provided security for General Thurman (Commander of United States Forces in Korea) during his day to day workplace activities, as well as temporary security for visiting senators, military advisors, and civilian representatives;

Taught various classes to make soldiers proficient in job area; Controlled and accomplished tasks given; Delegated jobs to the soldiers most qualified to perform; Maintained a close work relationship while keeping the leader’s role;

Escorted the commander to meetings and field operations; Maintained a very professional appearance and attitude; Planned and prepared daily for unexpected contingencies.



High school diploma from Florence High School – 2011

Associate of Arts General Degree from Valencia College – May 2017

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas State University – May 2020

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