Jeremy Jarrett

Jeremy Jarrett

Data analyst in Healthcare Administration.
Data analyst in Healthcare Administration.
  • Arlington, TN
  • February 28, 2020

Work Skills:
• Data Analytics
• Microsoft Suite
• Business Objects
• Tableau
• Cerner EMR
• REDCap Research Software
Academic/Research Experience:

Research Lab Assistant for the extended study of Attentional Capture Modulated by Executive Processing in Working Memory, Dr. Ken Sobel Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Central Arkansas
Research Lab Assistant for the Study of the Future of Counseling Psychology with Principal Investigator, Dr. Femina Varghese, at the University of Central Arkansas
Co-Author of NSF Grant for an RUI: A Mobile Laboratory for Improving Undergraduate Research Opportunities- (Primary Author Paula Simons, tertiary author Michael Dillon) in collaboration with Dr. Shawn Charlton Associate Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Ken Sobel Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Central Arkansas

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Master's in Healthcare Administration @ University of Memphis
Dec 2012 — May 2015

Healthcare Administrator oversees the day-to-day administrative operations of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

B.S. Psychology @ University of Central Arkansas
Jul 2011 — Dec 2013

To provide the biological, cognitive, personality and social contexts for understanding the behavior of individuals throughout their lifespan.


Data Analyst @ Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
Jul 2015 — Current

Decision Support Analyst Data Analyst help design and develop data reporting systems for business operations, support managers on data gathering and analyzing activities, work with management to prioritize and synthesize information needs, provide processed data to team members as per their needs, perform data analysis using various statistical procedures, gather and process project data, financial data and other business data as requested by managers, plan and develop decision support systems that help manager in making business analysis and decisions, and mentor other team members on utilization and functionality of decision support system
Additional duties:

DART- Disaster Assistance Relief Team. This is a voluntary emergency management team that exists at the hospital level and is integrated at the system level. This team requires and offers FEMA training such as DECON, Hospital Emergency Relief Team with Mass Casualties, and
Hospital Incident Command. This team meets at is largest level quarterly, assist and evaluates hospital and system drills, and trains on perishable skills and refresh emergency management knowledge. Opportunities are given annually to receive hands on experience in Anniston, AL with DHS/FEMA large-scale training

Health Care Sergeant @ U.S. Army Reserves
Sep 2007 — Current

Medic 68W at the 75th Combat support Hospital. Primary responsibilities are to maintain EMT license, skills, and physical fitness standards as well as participate in Unit training one weekend a month, and 2 weeks annually. Required to attain Entry Level training that includes basic training, Army Initial Training (Medic training), and Secondary MOS 68F School (Physical Therapy Specialist) totaling in the first year and 2 months of contract. Pre-deployment training is also required with time constraints designated by the United States Army.

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