Jonathas Carvalho

Jonathas Carvalho

Marine Corps Veteran with diverse experience
  • High Point, NC
  • June 22, 2021

Perceptive and resourceful Marine Corps Veteran who strives to ensure productivity, efficiency, and above all quality. Knowledgeable in many areas, including teamwork, leadership, problem solving, and communication. Thrives in all environments, maintains focus and adapts quickly. Reliable, punctual, and hardworking with a particular talent in multitasking in a fast-paced climate.

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Master of Studies in Law @ Wake Forest University School of Law
May 2019 — May 2021
B.S. Biological Sciences @ University of Massachusetts-Boston
Jun 2012 — Jun 2015


Emergency Medical Technician @ Brewster Ambulance Services
Jun 2017 — Feb 2019

• Monitored ill patients during transport to their appointments, and managing medical emergencies
including but not limited to motor vehicle accidents, opioid overdose, and pediatric emergencies.
• Ensured ambulance was properly stocked and functional daily.
• Drafted an estimated 140 patient care reports during this time.

Senior Research Technician @ Tufts University, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Dec 2015 — May 2016

• Maintained and harvested tissue culture samples for the purpose of monitoring
cryptosporidium oocyst population in tissue culture.
• Performed immunofluorescence assays for the purpose of counting cryptosporidium oocysts in
both fecal samples and tissue culture samples.
• Performed intestinal epithelial lymphocyte purification for RNA isolation.
• Assisted in gnotobiotic piglet studies involving cryptosporidium and C. difficile.
• Tracked chemical inventory and updated MSDS’ and performed basic lab management duties.

Research Lab Tech @ UMass Medical School
Sep 2015 — Dec 2021

• Constructed numerous recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector plasmids.
• Determined concentration of DNA fragments in a NanoDrop and precise molar ratios used to set up
T4 ligase or NEBuilder reactions prior to electroporation into SURE E. coli.
• PCR amplification of DNA inserts for cloning and analysis of plasmids.
• Cultured HEK 293T cells and carried out transfections with lipofectamine to study the functionality
of newly cloned AAV vectors.
• Plasmid purification ranging from minipreps for colony screening purposes and intermediate scale preparations (0.3-2 mg) using QIAGEN Maxi, Mega and Gigapreps.
• Preparation of 20 μm mouse brain cryosections for histological studies.

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