Keith Gormezano

Keith Gormezano

Need someone to set up, clean up, or train your staff in QuickBooks?
Need someone to set up, clean up, or train your staff in QuickBooks?
  • Seattle, WA
  • June 25, 2022

I am an Advanced Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor (the only one in this section the last time I checked) certified in QuickBooks desktop and online (PC and Mac) for 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.

I have additional certification in current versions of Intuit's Point of Sale, Payroll, and Enterprise Solutions software, additional training in QuickBooks for the Mac, Intuit Payroll, and a member of Intuit's Accountant, Small Business, and Turbo Tax Inner Circle programs which advise the company on these accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial management software.

From 2014 to 2022, I was named a Top 100 (QuickBooks) ProAdvisor by Insightful Accountant (formerly Intuitive Accountant) in the world out of 100,000 eligible nominees.

I have 57 reviews on the Intuit Find a ProAdvisor website where I am usually ranked first for Seattle (or $eattle if you are trying to buy a residence, smile), 26 on Yelp (rhymes with whelp of which 14 are displayed), 14 on LinkedIn, five on Angie's List, the Better Business Bureau, and Facebook, and three on Thumbtack, Google, and Nextdoor.

I also use Quicken for Home and Business subscription in case you need help with that personal financial management software or use it for your business instead. I am comfortable with either the PC or the Mac (my family and I have both).

For two and a half years, I worked as the operations and office manager equivalent to a chief operations officer or COO and a change agent for a 15-22 employee professional services company in the architectural/construction industry that did around $2 million in revenue and had a 22-30% profit margin. During that time period, I was asked to speak about my experience using QuickBooks accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management software at a national conference for the managers of these types of firms.

What I can accomplish for you is the following:

    • * Help you decide what version you should use and install your QuickBooks software including any updates and any additional memory to make it run faster and save employee time after making sure that your computer is capable of running the program and your computer is up to date with the latest Windows or Mac OS and security updates, related program updates such as MS Office, and anti virus and anti spyware protection (if you don't have any, I can tell you either how to get one free depending on your communications or cable TV provider or which stores are offering them free after rebate as part of my customer service). If you are networked, I may examine and recommend changes to your routers, server, computers, and wiring to make sure you can open up and access your company file quickly. This is particularly important if you currently use it and are experiencing performance issues.
    • * Set up your company file including time saving features like recall last transaction or prefill accounts based on your vendor preferences. I can also show you some tricks for managing your customers.
    • * Protect your company file by restricting what areas of your company file other users can access and what they can do. Some versions of QuickBooks let you do this by account. Do you want everyone to know your business?
    • * Create or reorganize a chart of (numbered if you want) accounts tied in with your tax return form. Wouldn't you like to save on accountant's fees and use TurboTax to do it yourself?
    • * Show you how to create customers correctly so if you charge sales tax you will charge them the correct amount due to the new Destination Sales Tax rules that went into effect on July 1, 2008 and import the latest sales tax as of the beginning of this quarter for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Mac, or Enterprise or use the new sales tax module in QuickBooks Online. Or synchronize your customers with Outlook depending on which edition you have.
    • * How to set up your items and products and services you purchase and/or sell such as services, non inventory, inventory parts and assemblies, groups, other charges, subtotals, customer deposits, partial payments, and sales tax items.
    • * How to memorize reoccurring transactions so you don't have to enter them each month including sales receipts, invoices, bills, and automatic withdrawals.
    • * Set you up to do direct deposit, online bill pay, or direct pay via credit card to maximize those mileage based cards. It is how I paid for my trip to France to visit my folks in past years.
    • * Match credit card payments with the net amount after the fees were taken out with your bank statement and why I recommend that you get a processor who takes them out afterwards to save time.
    • * Show you how to do bank account and credit card downloads and reconciliation and a tip I use to save time. If you are using Bank of America personal cards that can only be downloaded in the Quicken format, I can show you how to import them.
      • * Set you up in payroll. Show you how to set up additions, deductions (both pre and post tax), the employee and employer portion for the new WA Paid Family Medical Leave Act, garnishments, child support, and Labor and Industries (both employee deductions and company contributions). Arrange to save you time by paying your federal, state, workers compensation, employment security, and city taxes online and through Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT).
      • * Show you methods of data entry, recording checks, payments, and other transfers to make it easier to understand what they were for when you do your year's end reporting.
    • * Show you how to create and memorize and organize your financial statements and reports and how to use the export to Excel feature.
    • * Demonstrate ways to create and customize invoices (including importing logos) in QuickBooks and use it with MS Office (Word, Excel, or send them via Outlook, or web-based services).
    • * How to determine who gets a 1099 form and what you need to ask to generate one. I can even throw in a letter and a form you can use. And show you a tip on how I include one with every invoice or sales receipt.
      • * Help you obtain Intuit Enhanced or Assisted Payroll (they pay taxes and file forms) at a discount, QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Mac for less than Amazon provided you obtain a merchant account or order other Intuit products from me, QuickBooks Online for 30-50% off Intuit's price for the first year (a better deal than getting one of their 50% off for X months deals and then owing your first born afterwards), Enterprise at up to 20% off Intuit's price for life using my special pricing including renewals for 1-10 users and 12.5% for up to 30. Why pay full price when I will bring value to the table (even if you choose someone else to work with)?
    • * Refer you for Intuit's no monthly fee or minimum credit card processing currently at 1.5% swiped for QuickBooks Enterprise, 2.2% swiped (better than Square or PayPal and it directly deposits with no deductions from the gross to your bank got desktop or oneline, 2.4% only using Intuit's GoPayment mobile reader, and 2.9% to 3.1% for manually entered (keyed) transactions. If you are willing to go monthly or you process a lot, the rates are much lower. You also get the right to send an invoice to a customer and have them pay through their bank account. The cost to you is one to three dollars, the price of a two stamps and time to be paid faster. For Online, there is a lower fee.

I have worked with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Online, Simple Start editions (PC or Mac) from 2000 onward and have the current PC versions installed as well as 2006 onward on my computer. I also keep my books in the Online version. By the way, QuickBooks it isn't spelled as Quick Books but I am mentioning this in case you entered those two words as your search terms.

Please reply with your name, company name, address, web site, phone, electronic mail address, how long you have been in business, year and version of QuickBooks, number of employees, number of unique users in the program, if you take credit cards or e-checks, and a summary of what you need done or want to accomplish. And I can come to you remotely

Isn't it time you started sleeping at night or learning how to fi$h for yourself or make Tofu if you are a vegan?.

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B.G.S. @ University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
Aug 1973 — Dec 1977

On Dean's List.


Chief Software Trainer and Accountant @ Dr. Quick Books, Inc. dba Dr. QuickBooks & Quicken - I make remote house calls."
Feb 2003 — Current

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