Scott Hagadone

Scott Hagadone

Fast Learner, Very Knowledgeable
  • Atlanta, NY
  • July 25, 2019

Summary of Qualifications:


Basic Transport Operator

Motor Vehicle Operator

Dispatching Procedures for Motor Transport

Logistics movement for Gear, Vehicles and Personal

Creating Word documents, Excel documents for Daily tasks

And storage of Gear

Dairy Processing


HPLV spraying systems

CNC Operator / Machinery / Woodwork

Learn and run Machinery in short time of training.

Quality Control Technician

Customer Advocate

Quality Technician (OOBA) Out of Box Audit Cell




  • Military Experience
  • Military Phonetic Alphabet
  • Multiple experiences in variety of jobs.
  • Dispatching Multiple Transport Vehicles
  • Transporting dirt and black top to job sites for new roads
  • Touch up painting on damaged vehicles
  • Painting houses, ext.
  • Roofing
  • Construction
  • Creating daily task and planning movement’s weeks ahead of time.
  • Learn fast on multiple jobs and can multitask
  • Running machinery to breaking down and cleaning machinery
  • Setting up and putting away stock for the day or for the next day
  • Dairy Processing
  • Spray Furniture with stain.
  • Touch up damaged furniture.
  • (CNC) Computer Network Communications Operator.
  • Use Blue prints Daily when machining Wood Products.
  • Use touch screen computer to send product information to machine to make boxes.
  • Pull units from Warehouse on Random Out of Box Audits.


  • Developed and implemented best practices for defect prevention and continuous improvement


  • Performed quality audits and root cause analysis


  • Consulted with engineers to resolve quality, production and efficiency problems


  • Worked with engineers to facilitate research and development testing, correct mechanical failures and generate technical specifications prior to release


  • Wrote detailed reports outlining performance, quality and defect rates


  • Communicated with vendors to place and receive orders, request maintenance services and deliver instruction on behalf of office management


  • Set up and maintained physical and electronic filing systems


  • Controlled and managed document processes by reviewing files, records and critical information to confirm accuracy and ensure compliance with company policies and procedures


  • Created PowerPoint presentations used for business development


Atlanta/North Cohocton Volunteer Fireman/ Hatch Hose Company

Cohocton Valley Ambulance Lieutenant/Driver




Supervised and Trained over 100 employees

Briefed lower level employees on transportation routes

Managed and maintained over 200 trucks

Briefed lower level employees before operating trucks.

Created Daily Task for higher management.

In charge of all gear, trucks and personal where ever they were to go.




Military Radio

Capable of transmitting messages

Created daily tasks and reported tasks directly to the Senior Director and The Commanding Officer

Briefed higher level management on vehicle transportation and Unit locations.

Use Fire/EMS radio


Military Training:


809 Recruit Training Master

12-14 Weeks (459-496 Hours)


M92 Marine Combat Training

3 Weeks (163-197 Hours)

35XX, Motor Vehicle Operator

5-6 weeks (169-222 Hours) 2005

3530 Incidental Motor Vehicle Operator

104 Weeks Sep 2006

2820, Electronics Mathematics for Marines

52 weeks Sep 2006

35.38B Dispatching Procedures for Motor Transport

52 Weeks Feb 2006

581E Corrections

52 Weeks Feb 2006



U.S Air Force Technology Award

Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal

Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (3)

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Korean Defense Service Medal

National Defense Service Medal

Letter of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation

Rifle Marksman Badge


Skills and Certification:


Specialized Military Trucks

Dispatching Procedures for Motor Transport

Basic maintenance / inspections / vehicle recovery

Using Word Documents, email, ext. to do daily tasks

Fork truck certified

CLP for Crowley’s

HPLV Spray Systems

CNC Operator / Machinery

Running multiple units at a time

Touch up on product before goes to customer

Customer Advocate

Quality Technician

Fire Police

Ambulance Driver



Employment History:


2004 July – Sept. 2004     Gunlocke              Drawer and Desk                                                       Assembler/summer help

2005 Feb. – March 2009     U.S Marine Corps     Motor Vehicle Operator

Logistics Movement Coordinator, Living Quarters Manager.

2009 April- Oct 2010      Crowley’s            Vacation relief operator

2011 April- June 2011      Rawleighs             Construction Part time

2011 June- Present         Gunlocke           HPLV Sprayer

CNC Operator

Pack-size Computer Operator

Quality Control Technician

Customer Advocate

Quality Technician (OOBA)



Jeremy Hagadone            (607) 331-8022

Nick Snyder                        (585) 727-6806

Misty Youngs                     (607) 590 - 5710

Amanda Miles                   (585) 519-3018

Phone Number
607 590 8071


Quality Technician @ Gunlocke
Jul 2019 — Current

In charge of Out Of Box Audit (OOBA) cell. Daily inspection of product. If something fails notify proper management. Fill out forms and inspection list. End day I do Data entry, graph entry and Word documents and send to plant members and management. Daily use of multiple computers
Use of Excel and Word daily (Create Charts/Data entry)

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